About my photo exhibition

I'm aiming for a large photo that can be hung on the wall. He has devoted himself to honing his high-definition photography skills, and at the exhibition he mainly displays works of B0 (1.5m x 1m) and full size (90cm x 60cm).
For this reason, I installed a printer that can handle 44-inch (1118 mm) wide roll paper and a 1600 mm wide cold laminator (panel pasting machine) at home, and I also created aluminum frames using original frames.



私は壁に飾れる大きな写真を目指しています。技術を尽くして高精細な写真の撮影技術を磨き、展示会ではB0(1.5m x 1m)と全倍(90cm x 60cm)の作品を中心に展示しています。